SEI Healthcare launches IME.MD, a new interactive digital educational platform dedicated to CME programs globally

SEI Healthcare has launched IME.MD, a new digital educational platform that helps HCP’s globally, enabling easier and more comprehensive engagement of their independent medical educational programs. The new platform features a full array of CME/CPD/IME educational content, including case-based video learning, engaging podcasts, symposia and congress summaries, webinars, and live virtual workshops.


IME.MD embodies the best-in-class adult learning techniques and educational design in an effort to advance excellence in medicine and healthcare, improving patient health outcomes by enhancing the knowledge of the medical community. All content is created and curated by world renowned subject matter experts and education specialists, all accessible for free to healthcare professionals worldwide.


SEI Healthcare’s IME.MD was launched in 2022 and aims to develop into a leading provider of IME and continuing medical education (CME) globally. The new platform was built specifically to cater to the growing demand and need in delivering IME educational programmes, SEI Healthcare has built its reputation as one of the leading medical education providers with Howitreat.MD as their reputation grows in the industry the time has come to focus their expertise in delivering world-class CME/CPD content. 


Samantha Harrison,  Director at SEI Healthcare, said, “Healthcare professionals around the world are constantly in need of the highest quality of digital educational content to inform and guide the latest and best options to apply in their own clinical decision-making. IME.MD is developed with the highest quality and most engaging educational formats ensuring content is adopted and applied”


As a trusted international educational provider SEI Healthcare is expanding at a rapid pace, its global HCP user base is growing at an unprecedented level and when these users were surveyed, expressed a keen interest and focus in a CME/IME dedicated educational platform. Simulation technology as an educational tool is revolutionizing medical education, including the acquisition and maintenance of skills and knowledge by integrating and leveraging the latest technology into a comprehensive clinical curriculum that includes certification and recertification is of the utmost importance moving forward. 


The recent pandemic has accelerated the need for more interactive and engaging hybrid learning formats that not only increase engagement but increase educational adoption. A benefit of internet-based CME includes improved access, convenience, and flexibility, reduced travel expenses, and more frequent ‘windows of opportunity’ to interact with simulations, with this in mind a preference for short-time CME courses has been highlighted. Time is a challenging and limiting factor for modern physicians across the globe, allocation of more time to other CME programs will further pressure their schedules. Physicians around the world prefer shorter, more concise educational activities required to manage their patients. 

Physicians are the most critical assets for any healthcare system. Thus, there is a need for a structured process for continuous training, exposure, learning, and improvement to continue applying their skills and knowledge correctly. This is another factor considered when SEI Healthcare developed the innovative e-learning modules on IME.MD. 


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