SEI Healthcare Launches Rebrand of Their Innovative Medical Educational Platform

SEI Healthcare, a global professional Independent Medical Education organization, announced that it has completed a rebrand initiative for one of its core assets,, which now includes the much-anticipated launch of their live workshop events now available only at how i treat.MD.

SEI Healthcare is excited to relaunch with a new focus on their ever-expanding capabilities and services. These omni-channel solutions have been implemented to cater to an ever-changing educational landscape to better serve their rapidly growing user base. “In this rapidly changing and evolving digital environment, we at SEI Healthcare make it a core foundation of our work to deliver engaging and interactive services across multiple mediums. The new howitreat.MD branding now encompasses the essence of our multimodal services and delivers an unparalleled experience to our users,” said Samantha Harrison, Marketing Director.

Howitreat.MD allows HCPs to access world-renowned experts across 27 therapeutic specialties in a fluid and interactive manner. While the core element of case-based learning is seen throughout the platform, the additional formats ensure healthcare professionals can engage in their preferred medium. As with anything, HCPs engage and learn with different media formats. With this in mind, SEI Healthcare has added omni-channel formats that include engaging videos, podcasts, journals, webinars and the much-anticipated live interactive workshops.

SEI Healthcare is committed to bringing medical education to the forefront of innovation on a global scale. Users can access the platform for free and in their language as well as engage with and listen to key opinion leaders in their fields of expertise. Bringing the latest information and breakthroughs to the forefront for hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals in a manner that is exciting and engaging―this is what drives the team at SEI Healthcare.

Given how rapidly the global environment is changing across all aspects of life, how we work, learn and interact with one another has fundamentally changed. Unfortunately, in healthcare, the pandemic has caused many patients to avoid clinics and hospitals altogether, resulting in delayed treatment. Healthcare professionals were unable to attend congresses, meaning access to the latest data was somewhat fractured. This has forced HCPs online more than ever, and SEI Healthcare is bridging the gap. Interactive education methods where HCPs can engage with hypothetical patient scenarios and have live open discussions with world-renowned experts around important topics are now the most effective delivery method. With ‘digital fatigue’ becoming more common, interactive methods with live feedback make for an extremely effective method to minimise this fatigue and increase content assimilation.

A key component in an ever-increasing digital world is data centricity; this is at the heart of everything we do at SEI Healthcare. Real-time data is at the core of our products and highlights exactly how HCPs are responding to patients at the ground level, an integral part of understanding possible educational gaps which can lead to patient outcome optimisation on an unprecedented global scale.

Emerging markets such as Asia and Latin America are notoriously hard regions to gather accurate information from. SEI Healthcare is proud to cater to HCPs on a global scale which enables a deeper understanding across all regions.

SEI Healthcare is extremely excited about their expansion moving into 2021 and beyond, with over a decade of experience delivering healthcare solutions. Trust and integrity are key reasons why the company is seeing an increase in demand. “We have seen a sharp increase in the requirement for our services with an increased interest from both established and emerging markets. We’re extremely excited to grow and improve over the coming years,” said Sebastian Hargreaves, the global education director at SEI Healthcare.